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Criminal Convictions, Arrests, Probation, Guilty Pleas

In Nevada over 95% of all criminal convictions are the result of plea bargains with the District Attorney. Many times a defendant will plead guilty so as to avoid jail time without knowing the immigration consequences to a plea. Even a permanent resident can lose a green card for a relatively minor offense.

Our law firm is dedicated to analyzing your case from a criminal defense and immigration law perspective to determine what would be the best plea bargain to make depending upon whether one is a U.S. citizen, lawful permanent resident or undocumented worker or illegal alien.

Having practiced criminal law for 35 years and immigration law for 15 years, our lawyer has the experience to handle these maters for you.

Find more information by contacting us at (775) 826-2099, or in Las Vegas at  (702) 836-9003 or e-mail our lawyer via our contact form.

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When One is Arrested: Obtain Bail & Analyze the Charges

When one is arrested, our first concern is to obtain bail and analyze the criminal charges to seek a way to prevent additional confinement in jail or prison. This office also works with immigrants and aliens who have been charged with crimes or have an old criminal conviction that needs to be dealt with. Often, pleading guilty to a more serious state charge may prevent a person from being deported for a less serious state crime. In such as circumstance we are experienced to handle both a criminal defense matter as well as an immigration problem.

For more information contact us at (775) 826-2099 or toll free (877) 659-3771 or email attyconsult@yahoo.com

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