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Nevada Charges DUI

If arrested for DUI for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs an experienced criminal defense attorney explores whether the initial stop of a vehicle is proper, leading to a lawful search of the vehicle for controlled substances or whether a field sobriety test should have been conducted.

Just because a driver is speeding does not of itself constitute probable cause to search a vehicle. One drink prior to driving does not usually take one over the .08 amount which could lead to a conviction. And tests are not 100% accurate as there is a certain margin of error in the testing equipment.

Oftentimes an experienced attorney can reach a lesser charge that would prevent large fines, long periods of probation and suspension of driving privileges.

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Arrests Criminal Record Immigrant Deportation

When a permanent resident or an illegal alien is arrested for a DUI, Domestic battery, guns or drugs, they face ICE detention and possible removal from the United States. An Immigration Judge has the authority to decide whether to allow one to apply for permanent residence or keep their green card if we can show the severity of the crime outweighs the hardship to the defendant or his or her family.

One option is for an Immigrant lawyer who does criminal defense to arrange a plea that would not affect ones immigration status in the U.S.

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