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Nevada Charges DUI

If arrested for DUI for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs an experienced criminal defense attorney explores whether the initial stop of a vehicle is proper, leading to a lawful search of the vehicle for controlled substances or whether a field sobriety test should have been conducted.

Just because a driver is speeding does not of itself constitute probable cause to search a vehicle. One drink prior to driving does not usually take one over the .08 amount which could lead to a conviction. And tests are not 100% accurate as there is a certain margin of error in the testing equipment.

Oftentimes an experienced attorney can reach a lesser charge that would prevent large fines, long periods of probation and suspension of driving privileges.

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Criminal Records Search of Permanent Residents leads to ICE detention

ICE and DHS are culling through old criminal records to seek removal or deportation of lawful permanent residents with serious crimes. Illegal aliens are subject to the same scrutiny. Travel outside the U.S. by a permanent resident or seeking immigration benefits such as renewal of green cards or applications for citizenship (N 400) can also lead to ICE detention in the event of multiple DUI’s, domestic battery or other crimes involving fire arms, theft, drugs or violence

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