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Criminal Records Search of Permanent Residents leads to ICE detention

ICE and DHS are culling through old criminal records to seek removal or deportation of lawful permanent residents with serious crimes. Illegal aliens are subject to the same scrutiny. Travel outside the U.S. by a permanent resident or seeking immigration benefits such as renewal of green cards or applications for citizenship (N 400) can also lead to ICE detention in the event of multiple DUI’s, domestic battery or other crimes involving fire arms, theft, drugs or violence

Our lawyer has 30 years experience in criminal defense in all courts in Northern Nevada: Winnemucca, Douglas County, Reno, Sparks and Lake Tahoe

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Criminal Convictions, Arrests, Probation, Guilty Pleas

In Nevada over 95% of all criminal convictions are the result of plea bargains with the District Attorney. Many times a defendant will plead guilty so as to avoid jail time without knowing the immigration consequences to a plea. Even a permanent resident can lose a green card for a relatively minor offense.

Our law firm is dedicated to analyzing your case from a criminal defense and immigration law perspective to determine what would be the best plea bargain to make depending upon whether one is a U.S. citizen, lawful permanent resident or undocumented worker or illegal alien.

Having practiced criminal law for 35 years and immigration law for 15 years, our lawyer has the experience to handle these maters for you.

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Supreme Court Upholds Arizona “show papers” law.

Will this decisions negate Obama’s Dream Act and Prosecutorial Discretion? The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld only a part of the Arizona anti immigrant law but kept in tact the provision allowing that state to direct its police and state troopers to hand over suspected illegal immigrants to ICE and DHS for deportation  and removal. How will this decision affect Obama’s executive order protecting children of illegal immigrants who have been here for more than 2 years, entered under the age of 16 and are high school students or graduates? How will Arizona’s law affect the Obama announcement of prosecutorial discretion.

You may find out how these issues affect you or a family member by contacting us at (775) 826-2099, or in Las Vegas at  (702) 836-9003 or e-mail our lawyer.

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Read: Supreme Court on Preemption: Arizona v. United States “The question before the Court” – Posted by Daniel M. Kowalski

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Arrests Criminal Record Immigrant Deportation

When a permanent resident or an illegal alien is arrested for a DUI, Domestic battery, guns or drugs, they face ICE detention and possible removal from the United States. An Immigration Judge has the authority to decide whether to allow one to apply for permanent residence or keep their green card if we can show the severity of the crime outweighs the hardship to the defendant or his or her family.

One option is for an Immigrant lawyer who does criminal defense to arrange a plea that would not affect ones immigration status in the U.S.

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When One is Arrested: Obtain Bail & Analyze the Charges

When one is arrested, our first concern is to obtain bail and analyze the criminal charges to seek a way to prevent additional confinement in jail or prison. This office also works with immigrants and aliens who have been charged with crimes or have an old criminal conviction that needs to be dealt with. Often, pleading guilty to a more serious state charge may prevent a person from being deported for a less serious state crime. In such as circumstance we are experienced to handle both a criminal defense matter as well as an immigration problem.

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Motions to Vacate Judgment of Convictions

Mr. Carrico has several Motions to Vacate Judgment of Convictions of his clients who are either Lawful Permanent Residents or Illegal Immigrants. These convictions range from simple Possession of Drug Paraphernalia up to Trafficking in Controlled Substances. All of these convictions are deportable offenses. These motions are based upon the U.S. Supreme Court Decision of Padilla v. Kentucky, 559 U.S. ___ 130 S Ct. 1473 (2010). The U.S. Supreme Cpourt held that when an alien or immigrant pleads guilty to a crime without knowing the potential immigration consequences of his plea, the defendant has a right to move the criminal court to Vacate Judgment and Dismiss the conviction.

Mr Carrico has filed this motion in Washoe County, Reno Justice Court, Washoe County Sparks Justice Court, Humbolt County District Court in Winnemucca NV and Nye County District Court in Pahrump Nevada.

We shall keep you informed when Court Decisions are rendered in this matter.

For more information on criminal defense of lawful permanent residents and illegal aliens you may contact Mr. Carrico at 775 826-2099, 702 836-9003 or by email attyconsult@yahoo.com

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